Learning to Knit

I Feel Ridiculous

I am learning how to knit. For the past month or so, I have been enjoyably browsing knitting blogs. Wow! These people are talented! And productive! And inspirational. Why do I feel ridiculous? Well, think of your first dress-up social event where you didn’t know anybody and showed up wearing pedal pushers and sneakers. Or you went to a new school on the very first day and didn’t have a clue, about anything.

I’m getting over it already though. My first little knitting practice isn’t looking so bad to me.

First I bought Nici McNally’s The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Knitting on DVD and watched the first section. Nici is very clear about exactly what to do: how to hold the needles, what to do with the yarn, etc. OK, I thought, I can do this.

Next stop Ebay for needles. I always like to be prepared when I start something new. I know how it feels to get just the supplies and tools recommended and then not have just what I need. So, I bought several sizes of Clover straight needles, but hmmm, I’ll need circular needles too won’t I? Toss in a few of those. Gosh, I do want to learn socks, what are those dpns all about? Anyway, a very nice assortment of bamboo needles had soon collected at my door.

Ok, so the first thirty minutes of work is posted above. More later.


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